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Welcome students, I look forward to working with you this semester, check this site frequently for updates and assignments.

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Chapter 1 Notes

Chapter 2 Notes

Chapter 2 Notes/Images

Chapter 3 Notes
Chapter 4 Notes
Chapter 5 Notes
Chapter 6 Notes
Chapter 7 Notes
Chapter 8 Notes
Chapter 9 Notes
Port Identification
Week 1 "Introduction"
Week 2 "Basic Computers 1"
Week 2 "Basic Computers 2"

Week 4 "The Internet"

Week 5 "Application Software"
Week 6 "System Software"
Week 7 "Networks"
Week 8 "Mobile Technologies"
Week 9 "Digging Deeper"
HW Assignments

Word #1 (Resume)

Word #2 (Cover Letter)

Word #3 (Event Flyer)
Excel #1 (Expence Report)
Excel #2 (Car Payment)
Power Point #1
access #1
access #2
Spyware Removal
Disk defragmentor
Disk clean up
Unwanted Program removal

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~ Fall 2010 ~

 There is A LOT of information we have to cover in just over the next 15 weeks, and I wont have time to teach my lessons twice, so I need you to attend ALL of my class's... I have a strict attendance policy which you can review in your syllabus. If you miss more then 3 classes your grade will be negatively affected... Tardiness and absents will not be tolerated. That being said, I am excited to be teaching this course, and for some of you it really should be an "easy A" if you just attend class and do the assignments, this is an intro class, and if your fairly computer savvy you should do great in my course...The class will probability start off pretty slow for those of you that are tech savvy, I'm a huge tech guy myself, and I will try to get through the dry stuff as quickly and efficiently as I can so that you can learn the important and interesting thing about a computer that you may have not known....

I'm trying to save some trees, so you can locate the syllabus on this site.


A big chunk of your grade will be the final team project.

~~~~~~TEAM PROJECT~~~~
Have one member of each team email me for excel spreadsheet

Grading Rubrics